Faculty and Staff

School Administration

Mrs. Kathy Fehder


“This is my sixth year at Corpus Christi, and I can honestly say that there has not been one day that I haven’t LOVED being here. This is a truly Catholic community, in every sense of the word, where we pray, ponder, study, and learn together as we grow closer to Christ through our virtues program, sacramental life, service and almsgiving, focusing on the infinite love God has for each of us as we seek to imitate the saints. I am not exaggerating when I say that every day spent in this school is for me heaven on earth!”

Mrs. Michele Nearhoof


“When I walk into the school every day, the children and the way they live out their growing faith make me feel the love and mercy of the Holy Family all around me.”

Mrs. Ann Horn


“I love feeling the vibrance of the Holy Spirit radiating from the students. No matter how I feel when I walk through those doors, I am greeted with smiles and kindness. What a wonderful way to start the day! Morning chapel reminds me that praying together truly unites us as one big family!”

Mr. David Baughman


I love teaching at Corpus Christi because it is a faith-filled community in which we share the love of God and the desire to know His Truth. I am able to share my faith with our children and in so doing deepen my own faith. Our school truly strengthens all of us to be better witnesses of God’s Truth. We are one united family in Christ.

School Faculty

Ms. Monica Mills

Montessori Primary Teacher

“I love helping students grow in their individual talents and gifts from God within a conservative, Catholic, learning environment.”

Mrs. Jourdann Heite

1st/2nd grade

“I love the family community at Corpus Christi. Everyone really makes you feel welcomed and loved by the Lord.”

Mrs. Catherine Vander Woude

3rd/4th grade

 “I love being a part of the family at Corpus Christi. The students, teachers, and staff provide a loving environment that makes everyone know they are welcomed and important. The smiles and hellos that I receive as I walk through the hallway brighten my day in a way that nothing else can!

Mrs. Maureen Simon

5th/6th Grade Classical Studies/Geography,
2nd Grade Religion

“I love the children. They are such a beautiful representation of the love and beauty of God, such joy they bring to those who are blessed with their presence.”

Mrs. Suzanne Haugh

5th/6th Grade Literature, Grammar/Composition, Science, Religion

“As a teacher, I appreciate the school’s emphasis on growing in scholarship and virtue, while embracing the joy of being in a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. The students are respectful and eager learners, which facilitates thorough instruction, and makes for engaging discussions and fun discoveries.”

Mrs. Tamara Cesare

 Upper School Religion; 7th Grade Literature, Grammar/Composition, Pre-Algebra; 7th/8th Grade Religion; 4th Grade Math

“I love working at Corpus Christi, not only because I see the joyful Catholic atmosphere, but because I love how that influences me and all the faculty/staff. The difference in student relationships compared to those I have seen in public schools and even other Catholic groups attests to the fact that this school is indeed Christ-centered. Every day I am reminded that truth, goodness, and beauty are what lead our students to Christ!”

Mrs. Martha Spurlock

Upper School Literature/ Poetry, Grammar/Composition, and Latin; 4th Grade Latin

 “I love the AHA moments–when my students’ eyes shine, and I see the power and love of the Holy Spirit working in them. How amazing that is to witness! I love the emphasis on reading Scripture and integrating God’s Word into the entire curriculum. And I love how readily our students make associations between the past and the present, seeing the beauty and genius of Western civilization, and how God’s plan unfolded in Christ, to save us from our sins.”

Mrs. Eva Kaufman


“Corpus Christi is an extraordinary school with not only a great classical Catholic curriculum, but also, with an opportunity to find the way to holiness; Jesus, Holy Mary and the Saints are present in the school on a daily basis. It is amazing to see how students grow in their faith and love for others!”

School Staff

Mrs. Lillian Oliver


Ampy Cogswell


Pam Jackson

Reading Specialist